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Nasal polyps - please help !!

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rattlesnake Fri 07-Oct-16 10:27:14

Hi, Really need some advice. Has anyones child ever had nasal polyps? My 12 year old has had what we thought was dust mite allergy for over a year. Finally a doctor has looked up his nose and said he has lots of nasal polyps! Having steroid spray and drops to try to get them down - may need surgery. Does anyone have any experience of this with their child? A bit of advice / support would be really appreciated x

rattlesnake Sat 08-Oct-16 11:59:57


Lamere Wed 12-Oct-16 22:03:20

Not a child but DH has had polyps operations - hardest part according to him is when they remove bandages from nose but it's over pretty quickly. Operation certainly improved his breathing and quality of life.

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