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Anyone know how long for a casted hand/finger to fix?

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Maltropp Thu 06-Oct-16 21:20:06

Ds managed to break his right little finger quite badly last week in Rugby at school. It was taped up in a&e last week but he was put in an ulnar gutter cast yesterday which sets the finger at the right angle and goes from finger tip to just past his wrist (I thought it would just get taped again and told to take care as I assumed it was just a little crack but no... ) .... Review and re x Ray next Weds to see if it's stable, surgery and fix wth a k wire if not.

I totally forgot to ask anyone how long he might be casted whether they operate or not. He's in yr7 so just started rugby and gutted to be missing the next few lessons and will be missing a bunch of upcoming stuff wth his swimming club.

I will ask next week but just wanted a vague idea as he's cross at not being able to write properly as well.


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