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2 month baby vomitting

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GirlFromMars1 Tue 04-Oct-16 11:26:09


Not sure how much sick is normal for a 2 month old baby so wanted advice. She is breastfed exclusively and is gaining weight well but after nearly every feed she brings up some milk. Sometimes it's only a small amount but other times it's a full on projectile sick. I keep having to change her clothes (and sometimes mine)

At night time I try to keep her up for a while after her feed but it's guaranteed that when I put her down to sleep that she then will be sick all over herself meaning I have to change her clothes again and wake her up more. Does this just sound like typical behaviour or should I go to the GP to query reflux? She rarely cries but often makes grunting and straining sounds like she is having difficulty doing a poo, but we have loads of full nappies so no fear there.


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