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ADHD Queried and diagnostic process

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finlayargyle Mon 03-Oct-16 19:02:43

Hi all. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. My son just started primary school. In the summer I notice he was much more hyper and inattentive. I was worried about how he'd settle into school. He started on 2nd September and in this time he's told me he's being told off for going outside during class, not sitting on mat when told and for swapping seats with other kids.

I had my own concerns about him at home. When talking to him he is looking everywhere but at me - I have to tell him to look at me and listen. 2 or 3 part instructions are almost never carried out fully. He's always being told to sit up at the during meals.

I asked teacher for her opinion and she said he was very fidgety and always on the go and said as well she had to put a hand on his shoulder at times when getting him to focus. She didn't put my mind at ease any! She did say it was early in the year and we'd review and parents meeting at Halloween.

I contacted HV who suggested a hearing test. Brought him today and you would think I had given him a red bull before going in! He was in the bin, up and down off couch, interrupting - the HV said she didn't think he was going to sit still for test. He did and passed. Hearing is fine.

Again she said just to keep an eye on him, year 1 assessment would be at some stage in the year and keep in contact with teacher.

He's not badly behaved, he's a really loving wee boy. He plays with his sister and friends. He sleeps well. He's a fussy eater. He does overreact when sister maybe shoves him or the like (not reasonable reaction if not hurt).

Does this sound like it could be ADHD and has anyone experienced similar?

If so what is the diagnosis process like?

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