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Sleeping off illness

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Witchend Mon 03-Oct-16 10:50:38

Ds (9yo) has started something in the last about 3 years where he really sleeps off illness, particularly tonsillitis.

What happens is he starts going snuffly, bit wheezy at night and is a bit floppy. He might then be sick a couple of times. Then he'll go into complete sleep for up to 24 hours. His temperature can vary from just up (37.5)to very low (34.5). You can disturb him, enough to get sense out of him if you want to, but he can't stand and doesn't want to do anything. If I insist he drinks he'll have a couple of sips before dropping off again.
Then he'll wake and be pretty much better and his usual lively self within a couple of hours.

Today he's gone into the sleep stage on the sofa.
Does anyone else's child do this?
Neither my other pair do this (although dd1 is rarely ill). They'll rest, but not particularly sleep.

I have a few health issues with him (he's had major glue ear since 3 months and last winter seemed to get a postviral exhaustion after one such bout). he used to only ever get ear infections (and a lot of those-20 a year was not uncommon) but they seem to have stopped and tonsillitis has started instead.

I'm varying between he's done this before and it's always fine, and I should get the doctor to give me a call after last winter's episode.

Witchend Mon 03-Oct-16 11:29:24

He's woken up now! Short lived one thankfully!

tylerdeckai Wed 05-Oct-16 07:50:57

When any pf my sons are ill they sleep my 7 years old had glandular fever back in February all he done was sleep wouldn't eat and only had sips of drinks

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