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8 week old throwing up

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MummaBear31 Mon 03-Oct-16 05:28:24

Ok so it is 5.24am and I've been up with my poorly 8 week old since 3am when he threw up all 140ml of his feed. He has a cold (his first one) but hasn't fed properly since Saturday and has had fewer wet nappies than normal. I have called 111, who spoke to out of hours drs and they said just to keep an eye on him but I am really worried and feeling like he is not right. He has a normal temp, and is alert and responsive although very snuffly due to cold. He is normally such a big eater who feeds 3 times a night but has only had 20ml since 7pm last night. Some fellow mum advice would really help me out! Sorry for the long post sad

SofiaAmes Mon 03-Oct-16 05:38:46

The danger at this age is dehydration, but it's rare. If he's still feeding (albeit not a lot) and having wet nappies, then he's probably ok. My ds would have trouble feeding when he had a cold, because he couldn't breathe while feeding. It's possible that your ds is having the same issue. Here's a good link to instructions and signs of dehydration (at the bottom). Hope it helps (and your ds starts feeling better soon).

ChipIn Mon 03-Oct-16 05:41:26

It's so scary as a first time mum isn't it! If he's only thrown up one feed I wouldn't be hugely worried just yet, and loss of appetite is normal for most sick people. I would try giving little bits of milk at a time, perhaps in a cup if he doesn't have the energy to latch a suck, and see whether he keeps it down. If he does, I wouldn't worry. Having said that, mothers intuition is far greater than most advice you'll receive from anyone. You know your baby best so if you think there's something wrong, take him to get checked out.

amysmummy12345 Mon 03-Oct-16 06:00:12

I'd try to feed little and often, at least then there's more chance of something staying down, sometimes when I'm poorly I don't feel like eating much either, I think we sometimes forget that babies are little versions of us! Keep a close eye on nappy output, maybe keep a diary of what's going in and out, that way if you do end up at GPs or out of hours you can show them how much he's had... I've got a rotten cold at the minute and have heaved a few times when the mucous had got stuck in my throat, might be same for the little one... My dd2 17 weeks has had a rotten cold, we've bought a Calpol plug in, and a "snot sucker" from boots to try and keep the airways clear as much as possible, hope little one improves flowers

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