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Fever in Premature Baby - corrected age or actual?

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maybethedayafter Sun 02-Oct-16 05:31:02

DD2 is over 3 months actual age but under 3 months corrected age. She has a cold and her temperature is 37.5.

The NHS guidelines say to get a child seem if they're under 3 months with a temp over 38 and a child over 3 months with a temp of 39.

Do I go by corrected age or actual age for this? Hopefully it won't be necessary but I want to know what the threshold is in case it continues to rise.

Ineverpromisedyouarosegarden Sun 02-Oct-16 05:36:34

You need to go by corrected age because of the development stage of the liver and kidneys and their ability to process the paracetamol. You will be given a different dose worked out by milligrams per kg of babies body weight. Gp will also assess if an antibiotic is needed.

brewcakeflowers its really miserable when they have the cold.

EllaMenoPea Sun 02-Oct-16 05:37:36

I'd go with under 3 months as she's still so little and was premature.

Hope she feels better flowers

BumWad Tue 04-Oct-16 11:53:45

My DS is 32 weeker and I always went with corrected age

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