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Only sick once! Stomach bug?

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Shootingstar2289 Sat 01-Oct-16 14:21:54

A few days my son woke up with a bug and was sick throughout the night and early morning. Made a full recovery now though. smile

I was desperately hoping my daughter wouldn't get it as she's only a baby. I am very lucky that my partner is a very hands on dad and between us we seen to our son and disinfected the house during the night in the hope our daughter wouldn't come into contact when she woke the next day.

Anyway, she had an unsettled night last night, she is teething. When she woke, I gave her a bottle of milk and she projectile vomited the whole lot up instantly. She has never been a sickly baby and has never vomited like this before. She seems absolutely fine now - very lively.

I assume it was a 'mild' bug as my son had it. Do I expect her to be sick again, perhaps later?

Thanks in advance.

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