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Can't get to the bottom of 5 month old's pains. HELP!

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finn1981 Wed 28-Sep-16 13:40:07

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my GP. I really don't know what to do. My 5 month old DD hasn't had the easiest start. She is EBF but feeding has been difficult and we discovered at 4 months she had a posterior tongue tie which has now been addressed. Feeding has improved somewhat but not completely. The issue has always been the fact that she finds it hard to sleep and when she does, she wakes grabbing the side of her ear/head, her face goes red and she goes rigid. We have been seeing a cranial osteopath who explained that the pains are due to the tension in her head. He drew me a diagram to explain what he says is the issue. He's been working on this. She seems to be in more pain the day after these sessions and then it improves, before getting back to how it was. She never sleeps more than an hour at night and we're all shattered. In the early days we were prescribed losec for silent reflux, but after 2 weeks on this, there was no improvement. I really don't feel it is reflux as the pains aren't in her oesophagus. I'm just really worried that it's something more sinister. Has anyone encountered anything like this or can offer advice? This will be the umpteenth visit to the GP...I always seemed to be fobbed off with the reflux excuse

CodyKing Wed 28-Sep-16 13:49:08

Babies grab their heads - I think for any pain - it may well be reflux

Are you keeping her partly at an angle - head above belly to help?

She must be shattered (as will you)

finn1981 Wed 28-Sep-16 15:15:35

I bought a wedge hog for her cot. It doesn't make any difference. She even gets the pains when she's in her jumperoo. I'm at a lose to know how to help her

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