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Should I take him to the doctors?

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ShinyDiscoBalls Wed 28-Sep-16 01:36:00

My 7 month old DS has had a snotty runny nose for nearly two weeks, and a few days ago developed a dry cough as well.

He seems otherwise fine, is still sleeping ok and eating fine. However I've made the mistake of googling, and it says whooping cough can start with cold symptoms and then a dry cough. And obviously now I'm petrified he has it confused

popthisoneout Wed 28-Sep-16 01:39:04

Is he up to date with his immunisations?

ShinyDiscoBalls Wed 28-Sep-16 01:48:09

Yep he's had everything he should have up to now, HV said his next load should be around 9-12 months?

popthisoneout Wed 28-Sep-16 02:31:16

Yeah next lot is at 12 months. Very unlikely to be whooping cough. Horrible when they are ill though. If there's no temp or trouble breathing I wouldn't worry. They get sick all the time once they're a bit more mobile.

ShinyDiscoBalls Wed 28-Sep-16 08:56:07

That's what I thought, he seems absolutely fine other than the snotty nose and cough at bedtime. I definitely should not have googled! Thank you

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