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Toddler being sick and not eating help please ?

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twocultures Mon 26-Sep-16 20:51:31

Sorry if TMI in the post but DS has not been like this before so don't want to leave anything out in case it's important!
DS (he's 16months) woke me up crying this morning and as I went to get him in his cot I saw he had been sick all over himself + bedding blankets etc. ( I don't know if it matters and sorry if TMI but it was yesterday's lunch eaten at around 1pm)
Took him straight for a long shower with myself, dried him off put in warm clothes he had some water and a bit of milk. Later he had a tangerine and later refused everything apart from a banana and date bar. Again sorry if TMI but his poo was very loose this morning.
Around 2/3pm he seemed to get a temperature and little red blotchy mark on his cheek, I gave him some calpol to help with temperature and he went for his nap.
After his nap he was still refusing food, tried everything including his favourite ginger goodie biscuits which he barely took a bite out of.
He hasn't been active and just cuddled most of the day apart from a few random moments where he'd start being quite active and be running around/playing.
At bedtime again he only had about 1 maybe 1.5 oz of milk and didn't want anymore and is currently asleep. I'm worried he will wake up at night as he will be hungry, he usually sleeps through. Also worried and wondering wether I should've gotten in touch with GP .

Feeling like a bad mum ATM and also have a cold that started today, tickly cough and blocked + VERY irritated/itchy nose.

Should I try and take him to GP tomorrow?

Meadows76 Mon 26-Sep-16 20:52:35

Fluid. Calpol. Rest.

Oly5 Mon 26-Sep-16 20:54:19

Hi OP. I would call 111 and tell them
All the symptoms you've told us. They will get a GP to call you.
The main thing is that your baby is getting enough fluids. You don't want him to get dehydrated.
Forget about food for now - it is water that is important.
A GP once told me to get it into them any way you can - jelly etc.
I would speak to a GP tonight if you can and definitely see a doc tomorrow. Just to be sure

MrsWildermac Mon 26-Sep-16 20:55:43

It sounds like a standard d&v bug. Unless he seems v dehydrated, don't worry with GP. Try fluids little and often (5mls every 5 mins) so as not to flood his stomach, and stick to the BRAT diet for a day or so (banana, rice, apple, toast). Hope he feels better soon and that you can relax. It's horrible when LO's are poorly.

ayeokthen Mon 26-Sep-16 20:56:31

What Meadow said, plenty of fluid, even if it's just water, Calpol, and rest. I'd avoid food for 24 hours to let his wee belly settle itself. Keep an eye on wet/dirty nappies, if dehydration looks like it's becoming an issue contact the GP. Dioralyte sachets are good for replacing salts/minerals, or good old flat cola (my granny swore by it!) to help him maintain sugar levels.

LivinOnAChair Mon 26-Sep-16 21:05:18

Is he possibly teething (with you mentioning blotchy mark on his cheek) and getting his molars? My DS often gets an upset tum when his teeth are cutting (although he's only just getting his very first ones) and refuses food/milk I'm assuming because his mouth is sore...

WeAllHaveWings Mon 26-Sep-16 21:07:46

As long as he doesn't get unresponsive, blood in vomit/poo, or really dehydrated the GP wont do much as this early stage except give rehydration solution if he's becoming dehydrated.

Fluids, Calpol, Cuddles & TV, don't push food he'll eat if hungry. It's likely he'll be restless tonight, I always take mine in to sleep with me in case they are sick in the night again (less likely if he's not eaten much). If you had D&V you wouldn't eat or feel like being active either so don't worry about that unless he gets really listless. It should hopefully pass in a day or two.

If you are worried during the night call 111 for advice.

cookiefiend Mon 26-Sep-16 21:14:16

Where we are hand foot and mouth is going around- the first time I have seen DD1 (3) really seem I'll- off food vomiting, temp etc. after a couple of days blotches on hands feet and face- is it worth a Google of the NHS symptom list for that. Other than that just watch out for the warning signs of meningitis or sepsis and trust your gut- better safe than sorry so contact a doctor if you are worried.

twocultures Mon 26-Sep-16 21:27:36

Thank you for all the replies!!!
He was v.thirsty this morning he pretty much downed a full sippy cup of water before his milk. Later had a few sips of very diluted camomile tea but wasn't that bothered.
Also forgot to mention about 5/6ish he had a carton of the innocent smoothie.

I've looked up rashes & skin conditions on the NHS website and I've not seen anything that looked like the blotch DS has on his cheek but it's gone down now.
I will probably be checking on him a lot tonight if I'm not knocked out by my cold blushconfused

twocultures Mon 26-Sep-16 22:13:25

Bless him! Just checked on him he's in the same position DP put him in bed under his little duvet all pouty.
Should I have some water or milk ready for him through the night ?

ayeokthen Mon 26-Sep-16 22:43:36

I'd have something ready just in case he needs it. Hope he's on the mend now and you both get some rest tonight flowers

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