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10yr girl strange vomiting

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mamala1970 Mon 26-Sep-16 10:36:45

I'm a little bit worried about my daughter. She is 10, almost 11, and has complained of tummy ache since Friday last week but said it has 'hurt for a few days' before that... but of course, she hadn't mentioned it. She has been given pain relief all weekend and seemed fine in herself but last night, an hour after eating, was suddenly sick, vomiting around 5 times in one go. She then went to bed and slept all night without waking. Normally if she has a bug, she is up every 20 minutes for hours. She said she felt hungry so I made her toast and tea, but juts minutes after eating and drinking a small amount, she was sick again. There are no other symptoms, no temperature, no headache, weeing fine, no diarrhoea, just tummy tenderness. She says she feels 'normal'. Has anybody else experienced anything like this? I have two children and have never known them to be sick once, then nothing for 12 hours then sick again, and with no obvious signs of anything being wrong. I've called my GP and they don't seem worried but have asked me to monitor her.

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