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Baby severe dry skin, cream recommendations?

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Klh91x Sun 25-Sep-16 11:55:28


My 4 month old baby boy has had patches of severe dry skin on his face & arms for a few weeks now. After a visit to the doctors they prescribed Diprobase to apply at every nappy change. This hasn't made any difference - please see pictures. Before i return to the doctors i wondered if anyone could recommend any creams that worked for them?



chloesmumtoo Sun 25-Sep-16 17:48:49

My dd suffered eczema badly when young and found diprobase the best out of the options of moisturiser at that time, everthing else stung. Now a teen dd is on the zerobase equivalent which is no where near as good as diprobase. Recently her whole body turned dry and peely, I had always heard people mention Aveeno so purchased some Aveeno lotion, shampoo and even a body wash in desperation. Shockingly it is like a miracle, dd's skin is now amazing. I noticed they do an aveeno range for babies in boots so you may want to take a look at it. We are very pleased with the results from the range of Aveeno we purchased.

chloesmumtoo Sun 25-Sep-16 17:55:51

Bless him, it looks quite angry doesnt it. I am a bit out of touch these days with little ones. But keep an eye on your washing powders etc we used to use surecare even on our clothes due to contact. Be careful with any additives in bath, keep as perfume free/gentle as possible.

AnneGables Sun 25-Sep-16 17:57:38

Olive oil sorted my ds' skin out when he was a baby.

MinnowAndTheBear Sun 25-Sep-16 18:02:32

Aveeno is good but a flare up of eczema needs a steroid cream. In between flare ups, and to try to prevent them, Diprobase might be useful. You can get Aveeno on prescription btw - but you might need to really push for it, as it is expensive.

Only1scoop Sun 25-Sep-16 18:03:47

Diprobase and we started using Weleda bath stuff

coolpotato Sun 25-Sep-16 18:13:40

Aveeno. Seriously, it's amazing. Turns the driest sling into lovely soft skin really quickly. We used it on dd when she had eczema and still have bottle/tubes around when her skin looks a bit dry.

I also use it after showering and it is hands down better than any body butter or expensive body creams/lotions. I'm evangelical about it!

donkir Sun 25-Sep-16 18:22:26

Both my ds's have eczema and I use Aveeno on both of them. You can get it on prescription too as its expensive.
Also look at the body washes/shampoo you're using. Avoid johnsons completely. We use either halos and horns or a new one called good bubble which is only sold in sainsburys. They are natural and free if any nasties.
Don't bath everyday and as much of a pain it is moisturise at every nappy change.

PosiePootlePerkins Sun 25-Sep-16 18:27:40

Epaderm cream in the big pump dispenser works for us. But each child is different and there and so many emollients out there, its trial and error to find one which suits. One tip, you need to apply it really thickly, as often as possible, in the direction of the hair growth ie down the body. Let it soak in.
Dermol 600 in the bath is good, dermol 500 as a soap substitute.

coolpotato Sun 25-Sep-16 18:29:30

Sorry, sling = skin

And yes, we got Aveeno in prescription too as we were going through quite a bit at one stage, plus had to have a bottle at nursery and one at my mums too!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 25-Sep-16 18:29:57


Klh91x Sun 25-Sep-16 18:36:10

Thanks everyone for your replies! I had bought the Baby Aveeno body wash a few days ago so think i'll buy the moisturisers too. Luckily the dry skin doesn't seem to itch or bother him!

chloesmumtoo Sun 25-Sep-16 18:39:22

Glad its not bothering him to much, hope the Aveeno helps soon smile

coolpotato Sun 25-Sep-16 18:54:58

Also, if you get the Aveeno pump bottle, when it seems like it's finished, there is still loads in it. Cut it open (I use a bread knife) and use a spatula to get all the cream/lotion out. You'll be amazed how much there is. I pop mine in a sistema tub type thing to keep it airtight and 'fresh'.

lazyfrog Sun 25-Sep-16 21:31:36

Cetraben and aveeno for us. But main thing I found was an extra rinse on all his washing inc bedding. Good luck.

WeSailTonightForSingapore Sun 25-Sep-16 21:38:53

Hydromol ointment worked with us but the HV said with emollients, you have to apply continuously throughout the day.

Coconut oil, both as added to bath and directly on to the skin, worked well for us.

AppleMagic Sun 25-Sep-16 21:41:39

Aveeno is good but my new favourite is CeraVe.

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