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Sick after having calpol- give more or not?

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Thistledew Fri 23-Sep-16 05:36:36

DS has a slightly raised temperature (37.2) after having his 8 wk jabs and I can tell that he is generally feeling quite poorly.

I gave him what should have been his 3rd dose of calpol but he immediately vomitted. Should I give him more now or wait a few hours? Half a dose? I'm worried about overdosing him.

itlypocerka Fri 23-Sep-16 06:42:04

You don't know how much he absorbed so generally I wouldn't for a "normal for an 8 week old" burp-up. It's usually less than you think that has actually come out.

Unless it was a massive new-clothes-for-everyone-and-consider-redecorating-the-room projectile vomit where you are under no doubt that there is no possibility that anything else was left inside. Then you might just keep an eye on him and if his temp starts spiking upwards that will suggest he didn't get any dose and it's OK to dose again.

Even if he only got a quarter dose, it's still best to wait 4 hours before the next because the liver needs to rest between doses.

sentia Fri 23-Sep-16 06:44:14

I wouldn't give calpol unless his temperature gets higher than that. I know for men b they're now advising to give it, but it's also been advised not to give it in the past for other jabs as it can hinder the immune reaction that makes the jabs work. It's all very confusing.

insancerre Fri 23-Sep-16 06:50:08

No, I wouldn't give anymore
Its impossible to tell how much has been absorbed and the risk of overdose is much more than the risk of a mild temperature
A raised d temp means the body is doing its job right
Its not how high the temp gets that is the issue, its how quickly it rises that can cause problems
A high temp is not necessarily a cause for concern

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