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Needle phobia 10yr old DD - help!

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beautifulgirls Wed 21-Sep-16 21:48:54

Does anyone have any advice as to how we can help DD (10yr) to overcome a severe needle phobia. She was an inpatient back in July and getting an iv into her was a very tough task. She was unwell again last week and blood tests were suggested but we literally couldn't get near her. A play therapist came and was very patient and helpful but even with this not a chance she was going to let them near her with a needle - and this was after plenty of EMLA cream too. They tried everything - me too. I did supportive, kind calm mum, I tried firm "this is for your own good" mum and I left the cubicle for a while to see if she was actually better without me there and may co-operate (I was only next to it where she couldn't see me, I couldn't actually walk right away!)

So, right now she has thankfully improved and getting bloods is not an immediate concern any more but I would dearly love to avoid that complete hysteria that we had last week. It is inevitable that at some point in her future she will need an injection or a blood test. If we can help her now, then if we need to act in the future then hopefully it will be a lot easier for her.

Any advice or support please?

Andro Wed 21-Sep-16 23:58:24

She may need professional help, CBT or exposure therapy can both be useful but it can depend if she has a known root cause (traumatic experience for example). The thing is, therapy and other interventions only have a chance at working (there are no garuentees) if the person is ready to deal with the issue - if she isn't on board you're not going to get anywhere.

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