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Should we apply for DLA?

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LessLittleMae Mon 19-Sep-16 16:28:09

Hi again,
I have been here a few times before and got amazing support and advice.

It has been suggested that we should apply for DLA, I am not sure if we qualify and don't want to be over dramatic.
If anyone could let me know what they think?
I am more than happy to be told that we shouldn't apply and she doesn't need it.

DD2 3.5 yo has 'chronic constipation' but it isn't improving as isn't straight forward, has spend some time in hospital - thanks entirely to MNer who gave me the advice and knowledge to push for help flowers
(threads were get it out! 1 2 and 3)

She can only have a BM using sodium picosulphate and that causes 24 hours of really painful cramps, screaming, incontinence, poo explosions - ruining her clothes and mine too, bedding, towels, you name it.
Every 5 days, so usually misses a day of nursery a week as I can't leave her side.
Struggle to take DD1 to school and pick her up as we are housebound.
DH has to re arrange work when possible.
It's a nightmare and very stressful for the whole family.

Then there is the leakage that the movicol causes which means even more clean up, ruined clothes, several times a day when it's bad.
having to find somewhere to change her in public or in the middle of no where!

Along with constant night waking due to tummy ache etc. I'm up and down all night, most nights.

We are meeting with the surgeons next week to discuss having a rectal biopsy to test for hurchsprung's disease.
Some doctors and HV strongly suspect it, although her unhelpful gastro things she will grow out of it eventually with no intervention.

insan1tyscartching Mon 19-Sep-16 20:46:57

Who suggested you claim? If it was a health professional and they are willing to support your claim then yes you should. Bear in mind that it's for the care that is over and above what you would reasonably expect to do for a child the same age so your extra laundry won't be considered as extra care, nor would your difficulties collecting your other child. You need to focus on the care you specifically give to dd.
Be aware they will most likely write to her gastro consultant but you could ask the HV to fill in the part that asks for someone who knows your child.

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