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user1474135152 Sat 17-Sep-16 19:56:25

So DS 6 complained of itchy bum. Got Ovex from Drs, treated us all on 9th, havent seen any since. I will re-treat on 23rd too though GP said not needed most of the time. I changed beds, hoovered and cleaned that day, and since Ive used clean towels every day, baby wiped bums in morning, clean pjs and pants under every night. Ive hoovered daily and changed beds every 3 days, is that enough? I feel like im going mad.......... kids washing hands all the time else I go mad at them........... I feel like they will never go after googling!
Please help!

Shootingstar2289 Sat 17-Sep-16 20:36:43

Yes, you are doing enough. My son caught them about a year ago and I cleaned cleaned cleaned until
my hands were red raw.

I did the same sort of things as you. Bedding changed every three days, hoovering constantly, wiping surfaces constantly and scrubing hands. I was also very OCD about wiping things like TV remotes, the computer mouse, phones, tablets etc.

I still fret about it now. I wash and tumble dry my bedding once a week, I'm always wiping surfaces and I even bought a steam cleaner. I didn't have the steam cleaner when my son had them though. No sign of them since though. 🙂

They will go and good hygiene can make another infection less likely in the future.

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