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Early onset puberty and anxiety? Need advice please

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Maria25 Tue 13-Sep-16 10:20:33

My DD is 7, she is very very tall with very big feet - adult size 4 and 4ft 10'. When she was 5 I noticed she was developing pubic hair so was referred to local hospital, she had blood tests and bone density scan which came back normal for blood/hormones and about 6 to 12 months in advance for bone density. I was told basically, she is just big and hairy lol but they would continue to monitor with annual check ups. The last 6 months Or so I have noticed a huge change in her body (developing breasts, under arm hair and body odour) and also a big difference to her disposition and behaviour generally. We've been referred back to hospital earlier than annual check and I think I'm going to ask them to repeat tests.
My question is, the last few days DD has described a 'feeling' she has been getting in her body, a kind of fluttering sensation which isn't painful and only lasts for a few seconds. She has said this has happened about 10 times a day. I thought it sounded like anxiety and heart palpitations? Do you think it's linked to the hormones? Has anyone had any experience of this?

Thank you for reading

0AliasGrace0 Wed 14-Sep-16 14:05:41

Can't answer your question about the fluttering sensation, but here to offer a hand hold. My DD (just turned six a few weeks a go) has just had her first lot of tests due to developing pubic hair and having body odour. I'm currently awaiting results. She's also very tall, so we're on 4 monthly monitoring for that too.

Good that you're getting her seen again - do you have any timescale? I found the waiting terrible.

Maria25 Wed 14-Sep-16 17:42:54

Thank you for the hand hold - it's really worrying isn't it? We had the 'chat' yesterday about periods etc, just the basics but I felt it was important that she understood the changes that are occurring. She was horrified at first but she asked lots of questions and I think she felt reassured. It's really tough though, she is still a baby in many ways!
We went back to the docs at the beginning of July and our appointment is 3rd of October so the wait is horrible. How has your DD handled it? How are you handling it?

0AliasGrace0 Wed 14-Sep-16 19:49:08

Yes, it really is horrible! Well done you for talking to her about periods, poor thing, I remember being utterly horrified when I was told (to the point of being disbelieving, and I was ten!). It's so tough when they're still so little - my DD still sucks her thumb and has a blanket fgs, it's totally at odds with having pubic hair too. Glad you at least know when you're seeing them, but doesn't make the wait any easier.

My DD has been fine about it so far. We are unfortunately very used to hospitals as she's had a few problems (born prem) but we'd actually been hospital free for around 8 months and I finally thought we were on a more even path...oh well...not for now least. I was a wreck to start with, very anxious and panicking but that seems to have subsided a little. I rang the hospital today as they sent me a couple of letters but we still haven't had a date for her bone scan (is this an xray btw?). We've had no results as yet so I am hoping this is a positive sign. I'm also very lucky that I work in a hospital and my colleagues are brilliant, so I've had a lot of support there when I was wobbly at the start. I'm also a single Mum, so no one to share the burden with.

How are you feeling now? Have you got anyone for support? I've found that the nature of it makes it very difficult, it seems utterly wrong to be discussing her development with people. I know I certainly wouldn't be if it was within 'normal' timescales. Due to this, I've not spoken to many others at all (apart from work), I come on here and panic instead grin

youcantgoback Wed 21-Sep-16 23:02:43

Make sure they talk you through the bone age results as this can make a big difference in final height. My DD stopped growing early and dropped off the growth chart when it was too late to do anything. That's because they told me her bone age wasn't advanced when if fact it was?!
They can slow it down if needed to safeguard height and your DD has plenty of time if any treatment is needed.

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