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Are there any dentists out there who could advise on dental calculus

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Popcreation Mon 12-Sep-16 22:44:43

My 6 year old DS seems prone to the formation of calculus/tartar on his lower incisors.

One of his baby teeth (lower incisor) has finally just come out after a month or more of the emerging permanent tooth erupting directly behind his baby tooth making it very hard to clean/floss between the old/new tooth.

I just noticed that the front side of his new tooth has a big patch of tartar/calculus across the top. We aren't due to visit the dentist until January and I don't want to freak him out by taking him to the dentist unnecessarily but am worried that the tooth may start to decay behind the patch of calculus.

Can anyone give me some advice? Do I need to take him to the dentist immediately to get the calculus removed or can this wait until our next check up?

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