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dislocated elbow

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rosielea Sun 11-Sep-16 21:33:29

Hi there, my 22 month old DD dislocated her elbow on Friday evening by landing awkwardly on her outstretched arm. We knew she'd hurt herself straight away but it wasn't clear it was her arm until sat morning when she couldn't move it and was very distressed with the pain (she'd been upset through the night too). We took her to a and e where it was put back in and we waited around so the dr could see her use her hand but after an hr she hadn't used it and he said it can take a while and we could go home if we liked and monitor her there. The pain had massively decreased so we assumed it was fine. She still isn't using her arm now and I'm wondering if this falls within the boundaries of a normal recovery for a dislocated elbow or if we should be taking her back asap. Thanks x

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