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4 yo suffering with headaches...

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KimsyKW Sun 11-Sep-16 18:56:28

My son has always been pretty sensitive to heat, getting to warm and oddly, air conditioning have always made him vomit. But recently, maybe it's just because he is able to explain himself better, but especially if he's been out in the sun or it's hot, he seems to get these almost migraine like headaches... He says his eye and head hurt and it's enough to make him cry (he is not usually one to cry at much) and he'll usually vomit at least once. Needs to be in a darkened room and have a cold compress on his head/eye to feel any better.
He had an eye test about 6 months ago and we were told his vision is absolutely fine. He drinks loads of water and I always make sure he has a hat with a peak on when he's out in the sun... Is this just one of those things, should I warn his school that this happens? Any advice on what I can do to help him?

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