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Coughing and vomiting

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FirstTimerAtBeingAMummy Fri 09-Sep-16 09:45:19

My DD is 5 months old. She has a terrible cold and cough. Last night it was the worst. She's coughing so much she's sick and it's all thick white milk. She seems to get coughing episodes straight after a feed. She was sick most of her last feed last night but was so tired she couldn't stay awake and fell asleep. But the only way I could get her to settle was for me to sit up and allow her to sleep on me for a few hours. She woke up hungry had a small feed then settled again. Then at 7 this morning she woke up really hungry. I gave her her morning bottle but as soon as she finished she was sick most of what she had drunk. How can I ease her cough? What do I do about her feeds? Do I keep feeding her when she wants or maybe offer her smaller feeds more often so she may keep more down?
Thanks in advance.

dailymaillazyjournos Fri 09-Sep-16 18:41:40

Poor little mite. Apart from the coughing and vomiting how is she in herself? Has she any fever? Is she alert when she's awake? It's good that she's still hungry.

If it's a bad head cold and cough it could well be that the mucus going down her nose/throat is irritating her stomach and making her get sick. Especially so after a feed.

Have you got the head end of her cot propped up on some books. Do you have a vaporiser to get some steam/humidity into the room. Also a warm bath and getting some steam into the bathroom can help loosen a cough. I think I'd would feed her what she wants to drink. Does she tend to have any reflux usually? If so a cold can make the symptoms worse. If she does then keeping her as upright as possible during and after a feed might help a little. Is her nose bunged up? some saline nose drops or a bulb suction thing might well unblock her a bit. Providing either of those wouldn't overly distress her. Keeping the room as moist as possible helps 'drainage'. If her cough gets worse I'd be tempted to speak to GP for advice with her still being young. Cold season is awful sad Hope she's soon feeling brighter.

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