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Reflux in 1 year old?

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Mazzimaz2709 Thu 08-Sep-16 19:38:52


I had previously posted about possible reflux in my 7 week old (wow almost a year ago...!!), and so I'm back asking a similar question about my now 1 year old!

Quick history - my little girl was never actually diagnosed/medicated for reflux, but we did however find out she had a cows milk allergy and have gone through a long drawn out process weaning and trying to identify other intolerances/allergies. Verrrrry long story short and we are not really any further forward with what causes problems. She is still dairy, wheat and gluten free but we still have disrupted nights with trapped wind. Safe to say we don't get much sleep!

Anyway, she is still on neocate formula (8oz at bedtime, plus another few Oz to help settle when she wakes, using dr brown bottles) but when finished her bedtime bottle, she squirms and wriggles and won't let me burp her (eg she planks so I can't sit her up) Then, maybe 1 min after, she coughs, gags and is then sick (a good few oz). Usually she settles straight after this and goes down to bed no bother. About 3-4 hours later, she wakes rolling around and sticking her bum in the air (sleeps on her front or side). She coughs a lot and this usually wakes her. If we pick her up she then quickly burps again or farts. This then continues through the night, every few hours on a good night! Coughing continues throughout the night, and in the morning she is usually very snotty/mucus-y. We also notice she has very strong "morning breath".

We took her to the GP having got nowhere with the dietician (eliminating various things from her already restrictive diet) and he suggested either asthma or reflux. No test for asthma so suggested we try gaviscon to try and improve symptoms first. Almost a week on and we haven't seen any change. We have another appointment next Friday for follow up but I'm not confident anything will be different by then.

Has anyone had a situation with reflux in a 1 year old? Any suggestions? Should i dump the bottles and use a sippy cup instead? (Random one from a 4am Google search!) Is gaviscon a slow burner, and should I keep going?? Or does this sound like (another) red herring?

Help! I'm back to work full time, and bloody knackered sadsadsad

Hensintheskirting Thu 08-Sep-16 19:45:06

My nearly 3 year old is still medicated for reflux so it's definitely not impossible. We tried Gaviscon and ranitidine and neither worked so were referred to an expert. I'd push the GP for something more - there are several drugs that could help and if they're reluctant to try something else, ask (strongly) for a referral to a Gastroenterologist (sp?). Don't just live with it when it's possible that something may help. Good luck op.

Mazzimaz2709 Thu 08-Sep-16 19:51:59

Thank you! Does it sound like the symptoms you experienced with your little one? X

Hensintheskirting Thu 08-Sep-16 22:13:01

Hi - sorry for the late reply! Mine also has a milk allergy (and eggs and sesame seeds) and was a sicky baby, but not constantly projectile vomitting like other reflux babies. As he got older and weaned he would regularly be sick after having a few spoonfuls of food - or sometimes right after a meal - and then eat the rest of his food or have a whole mea again! He was being sick for 2 out of 3 meals and often after his last milk feed too (I breast fed so we didn't have the bottle problem). The GP wouldn't do anything for ages because he wasn't "reflux" ie not throwing up after every single feed. Then I persuaded them that we needed to try something as he was starting to go off food because it made him sick. We had Gaviscon which didn't do anything apart from give him horrendous nappies. Ranitidine didn't do anything so we used our health insurance and got referred to a paediatric gastro Dr who has been excellent. My DS is now on omeprazole and domperidone - an antacid and an anti vomit medicine. The combination really works for him and he hasnt been sick for ages. The Dr has spoken about testing for coeliac (sp?) as well as that is apparently quite common, but my DSs symptoms don't fit really so we're going with a slowly developing gut valve (technical terms!). That's our story - I can certainly see similarities with yours. I would say that at 1 year old a child should see a specialist with those symptoms as "normal" reflux usually goes by that age so she might need extra assistance. I hope this helps - sorry for the essay!! Feel free to ask more if you need - good luck!

Mazzimaz2709 Thu 08-Sep-16 22:39:36

So very helpful thank you!

LatinForTelly Thu 08-Sep-16 23:45:58

Hi, my 9 year old is still on reflux medication, and was medicated very heavily for the first 4 years of his life. Agree that Omeprazole is the one to try generally. DS had domperidone too though we felt it didn't do very much.

Just on the off-chance, your daughter hasn't recently gone onto Neocate Advance has she - the one for over 1s? That gave my DS the most gut-wrenching colic and reflux he's ever had and his (brilliant) dietician said it can have that effect because of its chemical composition.

When on the normal Neocate, we also added 'thick n' easy' to it under the guidance of his dietician. It's a cornstarch thickener. Not sure how much it worked but Neocate is quite thin generally isn't it ... thinner than regular formula.

I hope you get the help you need, and your DD becomes more comfortable soon.

Mazzimaz2709 Fri 09-Sep-16 09:29:45

Thanks for the info Latinfortelly! We are still on the normal neocate (didn't know there was a specific one for over 1s!!) but our dietician (not so brilliant) had suggested weaning her on to 100% koko milk and off neocate altogether. Not sure why but we have put off doing this - I was worried that because her diet is so restricted, at least I knew neocate was specially formulated for babies that lacked certain things in their diet. Not really confident in the ingredients list of koko coconut milk!

I am wondering what everyone's feelings are regaining medication for reflux... are you happy to have your wee one on things like omeprazole/rhinitidine? My hubby did some research and isn't happy. I on the other hand just want my baby to get some decent sleep!!

LatinForTelly Fri 09-Sep-16 12:05:00

Gosh, I've never heard of koko milk. DS stayed on normal Neocate til he was nearly two and then was able to tolerate Peptamen which I think is one where the cow's milk protein has been broken up, rather than an elemental one like Neocate. (He didn't eat at all by the way at this point. He was completely tube-fed so it was his only nutrition. Does your DD eat?)

I think Omeprazole was worth it. Seriously, DS was on a wacking dose. 30 mg when he was about 9 kg - and nearly 2yo - without looking in my old book to check. I utterly trusted his gastro who prescribed it.

At the time he was facing a possible fundoplication operation and I had the surgeon and gastro advising two different things. But I went with the gastro and the meds controlled it so he didn't need the op. I think it was for the best.

DS is still on 10 mg a day. We did try him coming off about 2 years ago, which was unsuccessful, but could probably try again now.

LatinForTelly Fri 09-Sep-16 12:06:42

Sorry, just reread your post and seen she does eat but her diet is very restricted. Sounds like she'd be better continuing on the normal Neocate maybe then. Do you see a paediatric gastroenterologist?

Mazzimaz2709 Fri 09-Sep-16 13:36:04

We see a paediatrician, but only for the CMP allergy, and had been referred to a paediatric dietician who has been extremely flakey, wishy-washy and vague! Reflux had always been noted on our little girls file, just never treated. To be honest, we have fanny'd around with diet for the last 6 months... Eliminating, testing, recording a food diary and sleep patterns etc and I am now at the stage I think food has nothing to do with her night time issues. She doesn't have any dairy, wheat or gluten (suggested main culprits) and some nights are better than others.

We only recently came to the conclusion that reflux might be an issue after speaking to a friend of a friend who is another dietician and asked why she wasn't medicated for her reflux issue? The gaviscon has prevented the vomiting before bed bit she still coughs and gags. Last night however we decided on the spur of the moment to put a pillow in her cot (under the sheet) and randomly she slept from 12-5 without a peep! Coincidence?? Or will the slightly raised head help keep acid down?! We just noticed that when she slept in our bed (with her head on my pillow) she tended to sleep better!

Anyway, yes she eats and on paper is thriving. Possibly why we haven't really been taken seriously with regards to her night time discomfort!

LatinForTelly Fri 09-Sep-16 16:28:53

Yes I think keeping them a bit more upright can often help. I think a wedge under the mattress, or the head-end two legs of the cot up on books is considered the safest (though there's probably loads of more expensive reflux-specific things you can buy nowadays!).

The docs often don't take it seriously if they are gaining weight ok. But the coughing (and sometimes wheezing) is normally taken more seriously as it means gastric fluid is getting near their lungs (DS never had this.)

I think there is a good website somewhere - I'll see if I can find it...

living with reflux here it is, not sure if you've already seen it.

Hensintheskirting Fri 09-Sep-16 21:48:22

Hi - it's me again - my DS still is very coughy when he's eating (despite the domperidone) so it's interesting latin what you say that about coughing. Maz we struggled with getting taken seriously because DS was not "failing to thrive" as a baby. It was more consistent, persistent vomit that was the problem!

DropYourSword Fri 09-Sep-16 21:55:07

My DS has silent reflux. He is on Omeprazole but I don't think it helps him too much. It's the gaviscon that really makes the difference for him - every time I try to wean him off it he gets so much worse again.
I also have tilted his cot slightly - took me ages to because I was so conscious of SIDS guidelines but my child nurse recommended it. I use a large tin of tuna under the two legs at the top of the cot for a mild tilt!

nonicknameseemsavailable Fri 09-Sep-16 21:56:26

mine was still on reflux medication at 8. well she stopped it once we put her on solids for a few years but then was diagnosed with silent reflux and gaviscon made her so much more comfortable. she doesn't take it often now but does still suffer a bit.

We cut milk with her very early and got rid of bottles at 6-8 months to be honest, the bottles seemed to be a LARGE part of the problem with wind even though they were supposedly the best sort for it. I would get rid of the bottles and up food and reduce milk but then that is just what I did, not saying that cutting milk is the best advice.

DropYourSword Fri 09-Sep-16 22:10:05

When you say you got rid of bottles, what else did you use instead. So you mean sippy cups etc or do you mean formula was stopped completely

Portobelly Fri 09-Sep-16 22:19:51

My ds is 20 mo, he is treated for silent reflux.

I'm a bit surprised you still use bottles. At 12mo my ds could hold and drink from a uncovered beaker. In the children's centre stay and play all the 12mo+ children are served uncovered beakers at snack time.

Mazzimaz2709 Fri 09-Sep-16 23:14:12

Nonickname... I think I agree with you! We switched to dr Browns that seems to be a miracle cure for about a week, and then things went back to the way they were after sterilising several times. We tried her with a sippy cup but as neocate tastes so horrid she kept refusing it. The bottle obviously by-passes the taste buds on the tongue?! But yes, the bottles I think don't help the situation. I have bought two other types of cup to try at bed time but she seems to prefer the free flow of a sippy cup best!

Mazzimaz2709 Fri 09-Sep-16 23:17:18

Portobelly... She only gets bed time milk in a bottle and drinks freely from sippy cups or beakers during the day. To be honest, it's a lovely bedtime routine having a cuddle and feeding her that maybe I just don't want to let go of yet! We did try sippy cup of neocate at bedtime once but she hated the taste of it (same as when I used neocate in her cereal etc. It stinks!)

Do you recommend a particular type of cup for bed time milk? I'm not keen on the straw type that you have to bite to release the flows confused

LatinForTelly Fri 09-Sep-16 23:44:33

Just speaking for myself (obviously!), I wouldn't worry about the bottles. I know the advice is after one year old, sippy cup etc, but in my experience, they nearly always drink less out of a sippy cup.

Milk still plays an important part in the diet at 1. My other (healthy) children had a bedtime bottle til about 3, having been breastfed up to 1. Meh, they gulp it in 5 minutes - what harm can it do?

Would a bottle really create more wind than a cup? (My refluxy one was tube-fed by that point so that was one problem we didn't have. grin)

Neocate is indeed revolting. Smells like sweaty meat.

Wearegoingtobedlehem Sat 10-Sep-16 00:00:33

Hi Mazimazz, I have a 6 year old who is still on omeprazole for reflux. We have just been asked to wean off if the domperidone.
I just wanted to add that my DD wasn't actually medicated for reflux until she was 3 angrysadangrysadangry. At 8 months old she strictured ( oesophagus). The surgeon at the time said that the oesophagus looked like that of a baby that had drunk bleach- only she hadn't. Long story short the damage is a suspected result of untreated acid reflux. She is left with a degree of dysphagia and problems with food motility.
Sadly sicky babies are often overlooked in my experience. It took a long time for our problem to be looked at. Basically she couldn't feed sad

Wearegoingtobedlehem Sat 10-Sep-16 00:05:20

Argh hit post too soon.

I guess what I'm trying to say is it is most definitely worth pushing for a referall to a paediatric gastro consultant- I think gps probably don't consider long term damage from reflux - and I don't mean to gp bash - that's not what I'm doing- but I've just met far too many people that have said to me " all babies vomit" - it's really not the same is it.

DropYourSword Sat 10-Sep-16 02:28:39

I am so glad I read your post weare - I had a paediatrician and a Dr tell me that benign medicated made no difference to reflux and that I was damaging my baby by medicating him and his meds should be discontinued. I am so sorry that your daughter had lasting damage from reflux - no one has ever discussed the flip side of not medicating (apart from the fact my baby would once agin completely refuse to feed, sleep and do anything else other than scream and cry) and so thank you.

nonicknameseemsavailable Sat 10-Sep-16 20:52:33

sorry haven't been back to reply. initially we just moved to a sippy cup but yes we then cut milk completely. My other daughter actually refused milk completely from being 6 months old, the day she started solids, never got her to drink it again. she hated it. she had cut down to very little from about 16 weeks and lost loads of weight in the last few weeks she was on it because she refused to drink it. with hindsight I wish I had weaned her early but I did what we were told to do and kept her on bottles she wouldn't touch.

SO not having milk hasn't harmed either of them as far as I can tell. They both have it with cereal now.

MrsSunshine27 Sun 11-Sep-16 21:35:20

Hi. Apologies but I've only had a chance to read your original post and not your replies yet.
My 2 year old was on Neocate until about 15 months, she had reflux, very bad wind, very bloated tummy, multiple night wakings. We had exhausted all avenues and i decided to take her off Neocate and since then she is a different child! Turns out she has a corn allergy and it was the corn syrup. We put her on goats milk full fat which she is great on, alternatives are oatly, hemp or koko. I'd say soy but a lot of milk allergy babies can't handle soy xx

Mazzimaz2709 Mon 12-Sep-16 06:34:03

MrsSunshine27... I hate neocate! although my little girl had blood in her stools when I was BF-ing her, she had no other symptoms as such. As soon as she started neocate, that's when all of our problems kicked in! Last night I gave her 50/50 neocate/koko and she was randomly happier to be winded ie no planking! She has been up all night coughing/with a temperature but she's been unwell the last couple of days. I'm going to persevere with increasing the koko. Thank you!

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