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Reflux in 1 year old?

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Mazzimaz2709 Thu 08-Sep-16 19:38:28


I had previously posted about possible reflux in my 7 week old (wow almost a year ago...!!), and so I'm back asking a similar question about my now 1 year old!

Quick history - my little girl was never actually diagnosed/medicated for reflux, but we did however find out she had a cows milk allergy and have gone through a long drawn out process weaning and trying to identify other intolerances/allergies. Verrrrry long story short and we are not really any further forward with what causes problems. She is still dairy, wheat and gluten free but we still have disrupted nights with trapped wind. Safe to say we don't get much sleep!

Anyway, she is still on neocate formula (8oz at bedtime, plus another few Oz to help settle when she wakes, using dr brown bottles) but when finished her bedtime bottle, she squirms and wriggles and won't let me burp her (eg she planks so I can't sit her up) Then, maybe 1 min after, she coughs, gags and is then sick (a good few oz). Usually she settles straight after this and goes down to bed no bother. About 3-4 hours later, she wakes rolling around and sticking her bum in the air (sleeps on her front or side). She coughs a lot and this usually wakes her. If we pick her up she then quickly burps again or farts. This then continues through the night, every few hours on a good night! Coughing continues throughout the night, and in the morning she is usually very snotty/mucus-y. We also notice she has very strong "morning breath".

We took her to the GP having got nowhere with the dietician (eliminating various things from her already restrictive diet) and he suggested either asthma or reflux. No test for asthma so suggested we try gaviscon to try and improve symptoms first. Almost a week on and we haven't seen any change. We have another appointment next Friday for follow up but I'm not confident anything will be different by then.

Has anyone had a situation with reflux in a 1 year old? Any suggestions? Should i dump the bottles and use a sippy cup instead? (Random one from a 4am Google search!) Is gaviscon a slow burner, and should I keep going?? Or does this sound like (another) red herring?

Help! I'm back to work full time, and bloody knackered sadsadsad

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