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Daytime wetting and school policing of toilet trips

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LugsTheDog Tue 06-Sep-16 20:08:13

DD is 9, just started Y5, has an overactive bladder and a long history of great support by school.

New policy this year is that loo trips during class are marked on the board and if they have more than one a day, they get docked 2 mins of playtime. I'm 100% confident they'll make an exception for DD but she, bless her, is already finding her frequent toilet trips increasingly embarrassing. Whether they go up on the board or an exception is made, she is quietly freaking out that there is this much attention being paid to this one thing - embarrassing thing - that makes her different. The public making of an exception is almost worse than being docked the time IYKWIM.

I just wondered if any other parents of junior school or older children had experienced similar. Firstly is this normal in Y5 and if so, how to deal with it / help DD cope?

Throughautomaticdoors Thu 08-Sep-16 09:53:39

It sounds ridiculous. It wouldn't be allowed in the workplace so why in schools? Teachers know which children routinely use going to the toilet as an excuse to get out of work so why not just say no to them without making such a big deal out of it?!

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