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4 year old and joint pain...

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LONC2012 Sun 04-Sep-16 22:44:26

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced their child get a lot of 'growing pains'.

My 4 year old son has gone through stages of waking up in pain in the night with growing pains however he has had a few other worrying pains throughout the day.

If he is ever carried on someone's shoulders, when he is taken off even after a minute, his legs sort of buckle and he can't stand up, this usually wears off after 5/10 minutes and happens every time.
He complains of his knees hurting now and again but not frequently. If we go on a long walk he usually has sore legs at the end of it.
Just recently he has started complaining of pain in his wrist. It's not a constant pain but if he moves it a certain way it hurts. I took him to GP and she thinks he just pulled something and should be fine. He hasn't been complaining of it
Quite so much as he was but now complaining of the other one.

I'm just worrying that there might be somethings under lying and wondering if anyone else would seek further advice from GP? I know children get growing pains but the pains through the day just don't seem like growing ones.

Thanks smile

Doggity Sun 04-Sep-16 22:48:12

Is he particularly bendy by any chance? He might have hypermobile joints which is quite common in children but if he's pushing himself, it can make him sore.

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