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Toddler not peeing

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Luckymummy22 Wed 31-Aug-16 07:46:22

Ihe's not really peed much at all sibe Monday. I think we maybe had 1 small pee yesterday. We'vw now had 2 night with no urine .
He had about 3 oz's milk before bed last night. He is drinking just not a lot.
He's been ill on / off for last 3 weeks & on his 3rd corse of antibiotics. 10 days ago he had suspected UTI due to pain when peeing. But also sore ear. Now his ab's are for return of sore ear.
We were at Dr's yesterday & she said he looked slightly dehydrated but nothing she was concerned about.
And he doesn't seem an ill child. He is running about as normal.
But it's just this lack of peeing concerning me. I am wondering if he's holding it in? (21 months old).
Going to phone surgery again this morning.
I've got a bag to get urine sample but obviously can't get one!!

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