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Newbie ☺️ can anyone help!

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Kym1994 Mon 29-Aug-16 09:08:25

Hey, my DS has been diagnosed with reflux he is 8 1/2 months I've brought him a reflux wedge to go under his mattress, has anyone got any advice or tips of how else i can make it easier for him. Thanks x

Collarsandcutoffs Mon 29-Aug-16 09:09:00

Ask for this to be moved OP by reporting your post
Move it to health or parenting

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Aug-16 18:36:09

Hi folks! And welcome, Kym1984! We'll move this over to our children's health topic for you where you should get a few more answers. Newbie corner tends to just be a spot to hang out and say hello to others. You might get more advice somewhere else so we'll shift it over for you shortly.

Kym1994 Mon 29-Aug-16 20:11:33

Thank you x

What medication is he on?

We found it was very cyclical with our worst refluxer (so he was often bad at the same times of day-and night). Letting hen self feed and self regulate feeding, holding upright for 30 minutes after every feed- very tedious overnight, a good sling, and for us,finally sorting out that he had food intolerances making his reflux worse.

TheFirie Mon 29-Aug-16 20:38:00

As Dreaming said , there are several types of medications and usually also diet advice as some food exacerbates the reflux with or without intolerances.

I couldn't wait for weaning thinking it would make DS2's reflux better but at the beginning it actually became worse until we found the correct texture for him which funnily enough wasn't having chunky bits. We did lots of soups. Puree would make him sicker and by the age of 8 months I would just hand him a whole steamed broccoli and let him suck/bite what he wanted. So it was either very liquid or whole. I used to do lots of broths and soups.
And he was on medication, a proton pump inhibitor. Lansox. So I am surprised that with his diagnosis, you didn't receive any offer of reflux medicine.
He was on a no dairy, no eggs/poultry, wheat diet. And so was I because I was breastfeeding and I was told also to avoid tomatoes and citrus fruit.

So what were you told?

Kym1994 Mon 29-Aug-16 21:15:55

He was giving losec. He's been strictly breastfed from day one and won't accept to a bottle he suffered from colic as a young baby and te docs thinks he has had silent reflux. I managed to ween him onto 3 meals a day and he was coping really well and feeding often in between, he then went down to not accepting nothing to breast milk and then that went down to 3 times a day at first I got told don't worry they can go about 7 weeks without eating and then I got told to go to ane and this point I was furious as my DS didn't need ane he needed something to help him, at first they have him gavigon but didn't do nothing, the medication is starting to work I was just wonder if anyone could give me some useful tips as I feel very alone in this topic and I always keep him up right for a good half hour after every feed x

my (now 4year old) refluxer was/is on Losec (omeprazole) . We breastfed too, and he was/is intolerant to dairy- specifically cow's milk protein, soy and egg. He's fine with egg now. Barring the meds and diet, nothing helped. Except cosleeping maybe, that saved my sanity.

We had to entirely let him feed himself and he had either Ella's kitchen smooth pouches sucked straight from the pouch (i know, I know...) or actual food totally solid.

TheFirie Tue 30-Aug-16 03:01:44

This NZ website helped me heaps when DS was small, so you won't feel alone.

Diet helped, both for me as I was breastfeeding and him, in the sense he would be fine and happy on it, but in so much more pain and vomit if he wasn't. Chocolate and tea/coffee (for me obviously) made him sicker . It takes a lot but you are getting to the age where things should ease .

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