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Expensive medicines and the nhs

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Missdotty Sat 27-Aug-16 13:51:21

I wonder if any of you might be healthier professionals, or similar?

I often read about the nhs refusing to supply up to date, life saving medicines on grounds of cost. Understandably people are getting cross when it's their loved one, but similarly, however brilliant the nhs, it's not in a position to pay the prices the drug companies charge for these high end treatments.

Why can't the nhs give patients the option at least of transferring money to the nhs so the nhs can then buy the drugs, and administer them free of charge. That way people pay a fraction of going private which would be the only other real alternative if they really needed those drugs. My question is, why isn't this am option? Why doesn't the nhs give patients the option of purchasing themselves drugs that the. Nhs can't afford?

Surely anyone in that situation would at least want the option so they could start ago fund me. Or similar, in order to make the payment.

So why isn't this already a thing?

Thank you for reading smile

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