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7 month old baby been in hospital

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MYA2016 Mon 22-Aug-16 15:08:11

Long story short -
Friday last week my 7mo DS woke very unhappy. Wouldn't eat breakfast or drink milk (very out of character.)
Midday he was burning hot, screaming and then collapsed in my arms at home.
Ambulance called and paramedics eventually got a response from him when they did the heel prick.
Blood glucose very low (3). By the time he got to hospital his heartrate was 205 (!!) And temperature 40.5
He was admitted Friday night and immediately put on antibiotics.
Me and dh slept next to him all night.

Saturday morning all obs back to normal and very happy smileys baby. Episode put down to potential tonsillitis as has a red throat and couldn't swallow and we were sent home at 3pm.

It's now Monday - he still won't eat. Will drink very little milk and no water at all. Is generally very upset a lot (unlike him) and temperature still up and down (39.5 this morning / 37.5 this afternoon).
He is very sleepy. I keep having to wake him up from naps, 2 hours in.

My mum keeps telling me this is normal as he's poorly and not to worry. Me and dh are worried but also conscious that as he's on antibiotics for a week we should probably just ride it out?

He doesnt look dehydrated

What would you do? He is currently sleeping upstairs again now after refusing to eat lunch again. Does this all sounds okay for a poorly baby?

Worried first time mum sad

guiltynetter Mon 22-Aug-16 15:26:43

what a shame, it would worry me too sad my 2 year old has had tonsillitis 4 times so far, the doctors always say that babies can go for a good while without food but it's so important to get liquid in. if I couldn't get my baby to barely drink milk or water I would be taking them back to the doctors.

when my DD has tonsillitis she will only eat yoghurts because they're cold and sweet, will be eat those?

MYA2016 Mon 22-Aug-16 15:33:25

Hi guilty. Thanks for responding.

No, yoghurt is a firm favourite but he won't even entertain it. He won't eat a thing. He will clamp his mouth shut and turn his head for everything. Milk I'm managing to get in an Oz here and there but not the usual 6 Oz per feed.

When your LO has had it in the past has there been any other obvious symptoms?

He's not had a cold, appeared to have a sore throat or anything. His throat was just red. He was initially being treated for sepsis but when a different doctor came on duty in the morning it all changed to tonsillitis and I'm just not sure what to think sad

summertimeandtheweatheris Mon 22-Aug-16 15:43:30

If he is having less then 50% of his normal intake than he needs to be seen.

Can you phone your GP & be seen today? Or phone the ward you were in & explain?

LyndaNotLinda Mon 22-Aug-16 15:46:30

My baby spent a week in hospital at that age being fed through an NH tube because he wasn't eating or drinking. Babies can become dehydrated very quickly.

I would take him to A&E.

LyndaNotLinda Mon 22-Aug-16 15:46:50

My baby spent a week in hospital at that age being fed through an NH tube because he wasn't eating or drinking. Babies can become dehydrated very quickly.

I would take him to A&E.

idontevencare Mon 22-Aug-16 15:48:11

A fever is actually a good thing as it's the body's way of trying to kill off the infection. I would focus on trying to get milk into him as that will give him calories too. Maybe offer milk first and then some solids after.

MYA2016 Mon 22-Aug-16 16:07:35

Oh yes I forgot to add he also has diarrhoea which is worrying me. I'm guessing it may be the antibiotics but not good when he won't eat or drink!
I'll call my doctors and see what the say
Thank you

guiltynetter Mon 22-Aug-16 16:47:41

it's arduous but have you tried using a medicine syringe to syringe water into him - it's better than nothing if he won't have a drink. the first signs my DD has tonsillitis is going off her food and very high temperatures - over 40. I've looked in her mouth a few times and never been able to tell if her throat is red or if her tonsils are looking big but I think I'm just rubbish, the doctors always know straight away though. I'm sure you're already doing it but keep up the paracetamol/ibruprofen regularly just in case he has got a sore throat.

let us know what the doctors say, poor thing.

guiltynetter Thu 25-Aug-16 19:55:25

did he perk up a bit OP?

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