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Vaccines at 8 weeks

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yotica Sun 21-Aug-16 17:58:39

Hi everybody. I have got a 6 week old baby and after her 6 week check the surgery gave me an appointment for the first vaccines. I understand they are given at 8 weeks onwards, but my baby will only be7 weeks. Does it matter? Am I being paranoid thinking one week can make a difference? Should I change the appointment for when she's 8 weeks old?? Thanks

AppleMagic Sun 21-Aug-16 18:01:01

I would double check with the surgery. A week is quite a long time at that age.

yotica Sun 21-Aug-16 18:46:37

That's what I thought, it would be only 4 days short of being 8 weeks but still...

TheLongRains Sun 21-Aug-16 18:54:19

Hi smile call and check perhaps, but one of mine had them at 7 weeks because we had to travel soon after, and they said it was fine. I think they used to be given earlier anyway.

3luckystars Sun 21-Aug-16 18:55:48

Just change it to the following week.

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