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4 year old vomit

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Summerisntcoming Sun 21-Aug-16 13:41:21

DD had her dinner 6pm, went to bed 7.30 then woke up at 1am complaining of tummy ache and then was sick.
What came up was her dinner, not watery sick with bits of food in, but dinner in the exact same consistancy/texture it went in as. This carried on hourly until around 7.30am which was bile.
She then had sips of water and a pack of breadsticks around 10am as she hadn't been sick in nearly 3 hours, this again came straight back up.
Is it normal for her dinner to have been sat in her tummy for almost 6 hours without being digested?
She also hasn't kept anything down now for 13 hours. Does it sound like a tummy bug despite being fine in her self apart from the odd wave of tummy pain? How long do kids usually manage before getting dehydrated?

IwillrunIwillfly Sun 21-Aug-16 23:25:39

It sounds like it could be a normal stomach bug. In terms of her being dehydrated, do you have dioralyte? If she's still not keeping anything down, I'd give her 5mls of dioralyte (a teaspoon) every 5 mins. No more than that. You can make it up with diluting juice to make it taste nicer. If you don't have any just give her juice with a few pinches of sugar in it. If she can tolerate 5mls every 5mins then it might be worth getting her seen incase she needs an anti sickness. Hope she's on the mend.

helensburgh Fri 26-Aug-16 17:24:21

Hi hope she's ok.
Yes a common factor with a tummy bug is the virus had the job of doing its best to replicate and spread so it literally can make digestion slow down to be sure there's more vomit to spread the virus. So undigested food eaten hours and hours before is usual.

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