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Swollen lymph nodes 8 year old boy, otherwise perfectly well.

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Mumalade Sat 20-Aug-16 07:13:51

A week or so ago my DS (8) complained of a swollen lump in his groin, which was extremely tender. It was about the size of a kidney bean. The next day a line of lymph nodes were swollen in his neck, towards the back. I took him to the doctor on Thursday who said she'll take bloods in a month if they're still swollen. His groin is no longer painful, but its still swollen as is his neck. He's completely healthy otherwise, can't remember when he was last ill. My husband is being tested for an autoimmune condition (they think he has systemic lupus) and that's in the back of my mind with my son. Has anyone got any experiences of this sort of thing?

Mumalade Mon 22-Aug-16 19:39:19

He has another lump come up in his neck - all on the same side. Any thoughts?

AMR123456 Tue 23-Aug-16 17:19:45

My DS had this last year when he was 6. Turned out he had glandular fever. He was well in himself apart from being very tired. We gave him multivitamin whilst the tiredness continued. The glands settled eventually. Funnily enough to this weekend he's had a massive gland come up on his neck. Been to GP doesn't think sinister see if goes. If not will prob retest to see if he's had another bout of glandular fever.
If they persist take him back.

Mumalade Sun 28-Aug-16 13:46:48

Thanks for your reply AMR. How is your little boy? I thought glandular fever made you feel really poorly, so it's interesting (and good!) your son had so few symptoms. My boy's lumps haven't changed - single lump in the groin and a cluster in his neck. He has a doctor's appointment towards the end of September and she said if they're still enlarged she'll arrange a blood test.

AMR123456 Sun 28-Aug-16 16:50:20

DS ok. Probably a bit more tired that usual so started him back on the multivits again. Yes he got off lightly with the glandular fever I've heard of children who have to take 6 months off school!! It showed up on a blood test docs dos when his swollen glands persisted. Good that you have appointment lined up. But if you are worried or he gets lots more nodes enlarging take him back sooner

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