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Zoeblain33 Fri 19-Aug-16 20:35:08

My son has multiple verrucas on his foot had for over a year!! Tried all over counter aids unsuccessfully so took him docs who told me to wrap foot in gaffer tape which i did and yet again didnt work!! They dont seem to bother him but dont want him goin back to school and swimmin with these any help will be grateful thanks

ThanksForAllTheFish Sun 21-Aug-16 11:06:50

Not sure if they still do this but I got verrucas frozen off by the Dr when I was a child. It cleared them up on one go. It was a spray they used to do it. Might do worth asking the dr or researching it as an option.

Haggisfish Sun 21-Aug-16 11:08:23

I'm using Wartner every night with success-it's taking aaaaaggges but it's definitely going away.

ThanksForAllTheFish Sun 21-Aug-16 11:10:10

I just had a Google and it was liquid nitrogen they used to freeze it off. It did work and as far as I remember it hurt at the time but not so much I was crying.

Imscarlet Sun 21-Aug-16 11:11:53

My DD had 7 veruccas. We are down to 2. I used Wartner gel for a number of months, but in the end I think it was the boots freeze canister that got them. I tried many of the suggestions on here but they didn't work for a variety of reasons, mostly that she wouldn't kee the bloody duct tape on etc. They went black in the end and have fallen off one by one. I used the freeze thing twice though you aren't supposed to. Bloody things are awful!!

KayJBee Sun 21-Aug-16 11:12:45

We tried OTC, then gaffa tape (kept falling off, sweaty feet!). What worked was nail varnish. File then varnish every few days, or if varnish looks like it's cracking. Starves the verruca of oxygen. Came out in about 2 weeks.

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