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frankblackswife Fri 19-Aug-16 12:30:27

Posting to see if anyone has any experience of a child/teenager being diagnosed with a Chondroblastoma?
Our DD has been experiencing hip and knee pain and undergoing tests with a Rheumatologist (as GP was sure it was Rheumatoid Arthritis) -tests have come back to show pretty bad wear and tear in the cartilage in her hip but also a Chondroblastoma in her hip bone.
As it's not his speciality the Rheumatologist is referring us to his colleague who is an Orthopeadic Surgeon -he didn't really give us any information which I suppose is understandable as it isn't his area, but of course we are worried.
Another thing is that throughout the investigations her Eosinophil count has been really high which we've been told is generally a sign of her body fighting some sort of infection, but we're not sure if this is related to the Chondroblastoma.
I know we'll get more info when we see the next consultant but no idea how long it will be till we get the appointment and in the meantime am worrying myself sick.

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