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Recently potty trained DD itching and sore down below.

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Itsaplayonwords Thu 18-Aug-16 20:33:34

DD is 2.6 yo. She decided to potty train herself about 6 weeks ago and up until about a week ago she had been reliably dry. In the past week she has had two poo accidents and a wee accident (not sure if that's relevant). Since last week I've noticed a red mark either side of her privates that looks like irritated skin - it's right where knickers would rub and I'd been putting sudocrem on. Over the past few days she has been scratching and fiddling down there a lot. I keep asking her if she needs to do a wee but she doesn't and today she kept hitting herself down there. I asked her if it's sore and she said yes, I asked her if it's itchy and she said yes. I had a look and it maybe looked a little bit red but nothing obvious.

Other things which may or may not be related - she said her tummy is sore but then said she needed some cream so not sure if that was her skin being sore or a stomach ache. She wants to do everything herself so she wipes herself after a wee or if we do it it is really quick before she runs off (she's going through a particularly difficult phase). Her temperature was slightly high today but not enough to warrant Calpol. She was really off her food today and just generally wasn't herself - didn't want to go to the park, kept bursting into tears etc.

Sorry this is so long, I just don't want to leave anything out. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? My immediate thought is UTI, but could it be something else? Is it possible for toddlers to get thrush? Any advice would be appreciated.

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