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Severely myopic 14mo.... Help

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Lottiexx3 Mon 15-Aug-16 11:59:16

Hi ladies,
We found out last week our lo is extremely myopic. She has a prescription over -6 at 14mo. I can't remember where I out our copy of her prescription so can't find the exact numbers. She's been referred to the consultant but know one has explained anything at all. We are quite experienced with pre school eye problems, our other 2 children both had glasses under 5 and have astigmatisms and one also has a squint. But this is very very new to us. It was first picked up before the age of one but she only recently had her proper appt. I am now very worried she has the rare for of myopia that can because very extreme and cause problems as she's already on such a high prescription. Has anyone been through this?

Orange32 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:11:14

Hi Lottie,

My DS was diagnosed with -6.50/-7.00 myopia a couple of days before he turned one. He has been attending a specialist in the children's hospital since he was born. His vision has continued to get worse over the years, he is nearly 12 now and is a -20 right eye and -17.50 left eye with mild astigmatism in both eyes. However he is managing fine with his glasses, the only issue we have is getting them made as we live in Ireland and no-one here will make them to this strength so they are ordered from England so it is a long wait for them. DS vision is on the extreme end, it varies with all children as to how much their vision will change. Has your daugther got her glasses yet? She will most likely get used to them quickly and will be able to see clearer.

Lottiexx3 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:39:03

Yes she has her glasses and gets seen at the children's eye clinic. Just waiting to see the consultant after finding out how bad it is. Astigmatism hasn't been mentioned yet but wouldn't surprise me as dd1 and dd2 have one. Have you been given advice about slowing it down? Or avoiding certain sports etc due to risks?

Orange32 Mon 15-Aug-16 17:35:54

DS has progressive myopia so it will continue to get worse especially as he hits the teens years. At the moment it usually changes about every 18 months some times by quite a bit other times not so much . The glasses do not restrict him re sports, he does swimming and martial arts. He is at risk of detached retina but again this could apply to other people with no vision problems so we do not let this hold him back.

Once she is attending the eye clinic regularly they will be able to check the health of the eye, especially at the back which will keep on top of any problems as they occur. It is hard at the age your daughter is but as she gets older she will be able to explain better if she is having any tousle with her glasses or her vision. Just make sure you have a list of questions for when she does attend the specialist as it can be daunting when you attend and you may forget. if she is getting drops just make sure you bring a sun hat or something to shade her eyes with the as drops will hurt, you may be aware of this already.

Lottiexx3 Mon 15-Aug-16 18:54:29

Aww thanks, it's good to hear smile

AnotherTimeMaybe Mon 15-Aug-16 23:43:36

Do look into good quality cod liver oil (natural vitamin a) Because of eye problems that run in my family I've been giving both DCs since very young and so far so good, do ask GP though

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