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Previous brake

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sleepy16 Mon 08-Aug-16 21:43:33

My son badly broke his ankle a year ago, he broke it in 4 places and it was discolated.
He had an op and had pins and screws put in.
He has healed well and was back to normal at Christmas just gone.
Yesterday he rolled his ankle, it has swelled up very bad and he can hardly walk on it.
(He stayed round a friends house and has only come home as dad picked him up and he didn't tell us bloody 15 year old son!)
He has been icing it at his friends house and doing the same since back home and have also had ibuprofen.
Do you think it's just swollen etc because of previous break?
Or he has done more damage, will get him into doctors tomorrow in any case.
But just wondering if anyone had any experience of similar happening.

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