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Am I having a PFB moment?

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flutterworc Sat 06-Aug-16 23:32:14

DS is nearly 4. He has hiccups. A lot. He didn't used to up to a couple of weeks ago.

Am I being ridiculously PFB/hypochondriac/borderline-Munchausen-by-proxy and overthinking it, are sudden onset recurrent hiccups a known phase of a late-3yo, or have I inadvertently exposed him to some bizarre tropical disease that manifests itself in hiccups?

VioletBam Sun 07-Aug-16 01:58:21

Is he well in general? I don't think you're PFB to notice something different about your child's behaviour. I know that sometimes, an increase in stress can cause hiccups to increase in children.

Has he had any recent upheavals?

flutterworc Sun 07-Aug-16 06:57:07

Yes! That makes me feel better. We've been on holiday with my friend and her baby, and he was suffering a little from the green eyed monster. Will see if it calms down. Thank you!

Noitsnotteatimeyet Mon 08-Aug-16 12:31:31

It could be a tic - ds had violent hiccups for about 6 months when he was around the same age. They started as soon as he woke up and continued all day until he conked out at night. Then one day they just disappeared and never came back. He had lots of other tics though over the years which would hang around for a while and then go until he hit puberty and all the tics went completely. I'd keep an eye on it for now but try not to draw his attention to it as concentrating on it seems to 'fix' the tic

ladydepp Tue 09-Aug-16 00:02:20

My French friend claims that hiccups occur when a child is going through a large growth spurt. As far as I know there is absolutely no scientific evidence for this, but any time my dc's get hiccups for longer than a few minutes I assume they are having a growth spurt smile.

(dds favourite remedy for hiccups is to take a deep breath and then bend over and touch her toes, often works (but sometimes doesn't!). )

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