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3yr old whooping cough

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angelpuffs Fri 05-Aug-16 10:33:18

My 3 year old daughter has got whooping cough, despite being vaccinated against it. She's been given clarithromycin. In worried about my 6 month old baby catching it. She's also been vaccinated but that hasn't made any difference to my older one. Does anyone have any experience of whooping cough in vaccinated kids- do they get a milder version of it? Is it pointless hoping that my baby won't catch it? How long does it go one for....? Thanks

bumbleymummy Sat 06-Aug-16 09:27:57

Immunity from the vaccine wanes so it could just be that it's waned for your 3 yr old but not your 6 month old. What did he doctor say about your 6 month old?

angelpuffs Sat 06-Aug-16 11:14:53

He didn't seem concerned and said that vaccinated kids would get a less serious strain of whooping cough than unvaccinated ones. There's no way of protecting the baby really as they're both in the same house so we have to just hope for the best hmm

bumbleymummy Sat 06-Aug-16 12:53:38

It's usually worse for very small babies so hopefully your older DD will be fine and your baby DD won't catch it.

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