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Advice on gums/teeth please?

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Mummytron Mon 01-Aug-16 21:41:37

Dd1(5) 6 in October complained at the weekend that her top front gums/ teeth hurt. She didn't want to brush them and was cautious about biting anything too hard. They seem ok now but it bothered me. I wondered if they were becoming wobbly but they don't seem it and the bottom ones normally come out first. I have health anxiety and I know that gum issues can be a sign of leukaemia which is ridiculous but I worry.
Anyone have any ideas?

bonzo77 Mon 01-Aug-16 21:49:51

Dentist here. The gum issues associated with leukaemia involve lots of bleeding. LOTS. You'd know about it. More likely she bumped then, caught the gum awkwardly on the brush or cutlery, or got some food trapped making it tender. She's a bit early to lose these teeth but not impossible. Take her to See a dentist if you're still worried. Without wanting to sound unkind, you do seem a bit overly anxious (leukaemia is not most people's first thought in this situation). If that's a common theme it might be worth seeking some advice. And this is coming from a worrier!

Mummytron Mon 01-Aug-16 22:07:14

Bonzo, thank you for replying. You're right I am over anxious and I think this is just a long line of worry. She has a few bruises, water infection and gum issues so dr Google helped me out there! I'm embarrassed to ask really.

Could teeth be 'moving' in ther in preparation for falling out?

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