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Book/resources for helping DC with hospital visits

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Booboostwo Fri 29-Jul-16 06:13:31

DD 5yo has been in and out of hospital lately and faces a few more visits and possibly an operation. She is quite worried about injections and the pain of removing sticky plasters (which may sound like small things but for her they create a lot of worry and stress). We try to explain everything that will happen and why, and we do not lie to her but nonetheless the process is difficult and there is more to come.

Ideally I would love for her to be able to talk to a professional but I haven't found anyone where we live (rural France and DD finds it easier to speak English than French). Failing that, what can I do to help her cope with the psychological aspects of hospital visits, exams and treatments? Are there any books or other resources, either for her directly or for me to read on how to help her?

Laselva Fri 29-Jul-16 08:47:41

My 5yo DS is exactly the same with blood tests and plasters. I spoke to a child psychologist and they recommended role play. For my DS we use toy animals (he is obsessed with animals and dinosaurs) and toy doctors kit. DS is the doctor and treats the animals, the animals sometimes get scared and frightened and we talk about why they feel this way and DS as the doctor explains to them why it has to happen and reassures them.
He still freaks out when having tests, so it has not 'cured' him, but I hope he at least understands the process more and that it is for his benefit.

Booboostwo Fri 29-Jul-16 11:04:27

Thank you. She has a doctor's kit which helped with the last round of tests ( she had gotten to the point of being scared of anyone in a white uniform), will have to work on this some more.

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