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Poopy toddler

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TheEdgeIsNigh Wed 27-Jul-16 23:40:07

DS is almost 2. For the past few days he's had watery poops, accompanied by the occasional high temp, runny nose, cough and, since yesterday, reduced appetite and not really drinking much. The cold symptoms actually started a day or 2 before the gross nappies.
What's occurring? I stopped BF him last month so I'm lost... Usually we'd feed our way out of something like this(things like this were non-existent when we were still BF though!)
Feel so sorry for my little guy. Want my happy chappie back sad

TheEdgeIsNigh Wed 27-Jul-16 23:41:07

I'll be taking him to the GP in the morning btw, in case anyone's thinking I'm a bad mama blush

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