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Astigmatism in two year old

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BoopTheSnoot Wed 27-Jul-16 17:17:31

Took my 2yo DS to the eye clinic at my local hospital yesterday as his right eye had started drifting inwards a lot.
He's been diagnosed with astigmatism in that eye, and prescribed glasses. He has to wear them all the time for six months and then he will be reassessed.
I'm worried about getting him to keep them on. He won't tolerate sunglasses and doesn't much like anything on his face. But if he doesn't wear them, his vision could get worse. Any tips for getting him to keep them on?

EskSmith Thu 28-Jul-16 10:37:10

The dispensing optician should be able to help with ideas. Also if it improves his sight you may be surprised by his tolerance as it will make his life easier.

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