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Piriton Syrup Causing Hyperactivity?

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Porcupinetree Mon 25-Jul-16 20:17:31

We were recommended Piriton syrup for a mild allergy our daughter (3yo) developed.

We used it a couple of times and after being warned that it makes children drowsy we were surprised that it seemed to make her extremely 'awake', full of energy, slightly agitated and eager to run around.

Because we are (usually) careful about what she is exposed to we haven't needed it again til this evening, but there is no mistaking the fact that it has made her absolutely hyperactive. It's actually quite alarming.

Has this happened to anybody else's DC?

sallysparrow157 Mon 25-Jul-16 20:28:33

It's not at all uncommon, piriton makes most kids sleepy but in some it has a paradoxical effect and makes them impressively hyperactive! It isn't an allergy or anything like that and it won't do her any harm, it's just a side effect of the drug that some children have. Try cetirizine instead, it doesn't have the same effect (not sure if you can get it over the counter in little ones but if you tell your GP she goes a bit loopy on piriton they will prescribe some for you to have in the house just in case

Porcupinetree Mon 25-Jul-16 21:32:13

Thank you Sallysparrow!

Witchend Mon 25-Jul-16 23:31:37

Does with ds too. The boots equivalent is much better though.

Pestilence13610 Mon 25-Jul-16 23:35:47

Did this to DS1 when he was little.
So did Tixylix.
Diazepam did it to him when he was big. Doctor is now reluctant to prescribe him anything ever again.

Porcupinetree Tue 26-Jul-16 08:36:57

Thank you for the replies, interestingly Pestilence my husband did say last night that on the one occasion we gave her Tixylix he thought that had a similar effect, so thanks for the warning!

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