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Asthma/ pneumonia advice: 6 year okd

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GirlOutNumbered Sat 23-Jul-16 22:39:05

My son was recently discharged from hospital having had pneumonia and an asthma attack. We did not realise he was asthmatic. He's
Been out for five nights and is now supposed to be on only a preventer inhaler.

He's been fine all day. Tonight I just checked on him and there is a crackling sound coming from what sounds like the bottom of his throat.. Anyone have any experience of this.. Is it normal or is it a wheeze and therefore I should wake and give ventolin??

McBassyPants Sun 24-Jul-16 06:15:44

Sorry, probably not much use now but a wheeze comes from your lower airways and is when you breathe out.

I suspect this sound comes from him just needing a cough or to change position, was it akin to snoring?

How old is your DS?

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