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HFM or something else?

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Titsalinabumsquash Thu 21-Jul-16 09:54:20

DD had these on both her palms, nothing anywhere else on her body. No other symptoms.

Is it hand, foot and mouth that's just not appeared on her mouth/feet or allergy to something?

She was playing in a sandpit yesterday and digging through a pile of cut weeds/plants that had ivy/old nettles and various other plants in. She didn't cry as if she's been stung and she's not itching it.

I don't want to wast a gp appointment if it's just an allergy rash, out local surgery is always packed and is asking people to think before making an appointment of it's really necessary.

Bottomchops Thu 21-Jul-16 10:00:21

I wouldn't go to the gp personally as there's nothing they can do. Just keep an eye on it.

Bottomchops Thu 21-Jul-16 10:01:04

I meant to say that I normally see a pharmacist if I'm not sure about something.

Titsalinabumsquash Thu 21-Jul-16 10:07:24

I was leaning towards asking the pharmacist, I have to pick up a prescription there later anyway. Thanks smile

WiMoChi Thu 21-Jul-16 20:34:24

Playing with ivy? Google poison oak rash and poison ivy rash. Give a nasty rash

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