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High blood calcium in baby - help!

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Mamagracey Tue 19-Jul-16 09:38:39

My lovely little 7 month old boy has high blood calcium which was discovered when he had a blood test at 3 months for suspected meningitis. Thankfully he didnt have meningitis and he's been well in himself since then but blood tests every month since then have shown he has high levels of calcium in his blood. The consultant has decided to send him for further tests and a kidney scan but I'm just looking for anyone else who has had experience of this/hypercalcemia or can give any advice or reassurance as there isn't really any info about the condition (and I'm a real worrier too...stepping away from Dr Google..). Thanks in advance

Cousinit Fri 07-Oct-16 08:41:12

Hi, I know this is now a few months old but was wondering how you got on. Did the docs discover any reason for the hypercalcaemia? My 4 month old has similar issue..discovered through blood tests for something else when she was 6 weeks old. Levels are gradually coming down but still high and docs can't seem to find an explanation for it. She is otherwise well.

Mamagracey Fri 07-Oct-16 14:24:55

Hi there, we saw a consultant at about 3 months who couldn't explain it though he said LO had a sensitivity to vitamin D. At about 9 months the last blood test came back at normal levels, thankfully, though they've been coming down gradually over the last 4 or 5 months. We've seen a dietician who said to avoid giving DS food heavily fortified with vitamin D & calcium. We're seeing another more specialist consultant in a few weeks so we'll see what they say, fingers crossed for an "all OK, you're discharged!". DS is completely well thankfully but its still a worry not knowing what causes it or why isn't it?
Have they said they'll just keep monitoring the levels with blood and urine tests?
The phlebotomist we saw gave us the plasters and magic cream to put on at home in the end, we went in for tests that much, but it was ten times calmer that way than at the hospital.
Fingers crossed your LOs levels carry on coming down.

Cousinit Fri 07-Oct-16 23:52:15

Thanks for replying. We are having blood and urine tests every six weeks or so to just keep an eye on it and it does seem to be coming down albeit slowly. Yes it's horrible having to keep going for the tests! Interesting about the vitamin d. Our LO was found to be vit d deficient in blood tests which they attributed to me being low (ebf at the mo) so I have been taking high dose vitamin d which appears to have helped but she is still low. At this stage they don't want to treat her directly because if the high calcium. Glad to hear your DS's levels came down to normal in the end. Sounds like you should get discharged soon. It is a worry not knowing what'a going on but like you, our LO seems as fit as a fiddle!

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