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3 year old tummy sticks right out

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lyssie29 Tue 19-Jul-16 07:13:39

Hi my 3 year olds belly starts off flat when she gets up but by bed its massive and feels really hard. When she was in hospital a couple of weeks ago they had to put a tube in to get some air out but I assumed it was because of her chest infection and from coughing. She doesn't complain about it or anything so maybe it's just normal for her age but she's quite thin and petite on the rest of her body. Has anyone had any issues with air in the stomach and what did you do to help reduce it? Thanks

LAmusic Tue 19-Jul-16 15:03:04

Is she pooing regularly?

Laselva Tue 19-Jul-16 20:28:36

My DS had this (swollen tummy but skinny) as one of his symptoms of coeliac disease. Even once he was gluten free he would wake up with a flat tummy which would have ballooned by mid morning. I'm pretty sure it was food related, and I think fruit was one of the causes (he was tested for lactose intolerance but test came back clear). It didn't cause him pain and has now gone. I don't know if he outgrew it or it went as his gut healed as a result from being gluten free.

Purplehonesty Tue 19-Jul-16 21:48:11

Ds had the same he looked pregnant it was so strange.

We cut out bread and bananas for about a year and it went away. It was the only things we could see that made a difference after he tested neg for coeliac.

He can eat both of them now in moderation.

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