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Baby help please

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FirstTimerAtBeingAMummy Mon 18-Jul-16 23:57:03

My 13 week old is lying here with me now with very red around the eyes, they are streaming with water and her nose has been constantly runny today and she's sneezing like a trooper. This is a really dumb question but can babies have hay fever? If they can does it sound like hay fever to you. It's all the symptoms I tend to have. She's happy in herself and feeding normally I've checked her temp and it's 37 so that's ok. What can I do? It's horrible looking at her with puffy runny eyes and she's just smiling back at me. Can I ease the symptoms? Thanks in advance everyone.

BaggyPantz Tue 19-Jul-16 00:04:52

Could be conjunctivitis, could be hayfever, could be a reaction to something. Keep an eye on her temp. She's still feeding properly, which is good. Check that she's got regular wet nappies as well. If all this is ok, you'll be fine for the night. Check with a GP tomorrow re hayfever symptoms and if there's anything for that age group to take.

jamhot Tue 19-Jul-16 00:05:19

Babies can get hayfever.

Unfortunately there's no medicine that under 1's can take (1 year plus can have piriton syrup). The pharmacist advised me that some vaseline under baby's nose can help catch the pollen, and a saline spray can give their nose some relief. Also try changing baby into clean clothes when you come indoors, and gentle face washing with water to remove pollen.

Seeing as your DD is so young, it is worth discussing it with your GP or the NHS helpline to be on the safe side.

I hope she is more comfortable soon.

FirstTimerAtBeingAMummy Tue 19-Jul-16 00:29:57

She's having lots of wet nappies. I've tried to feed her more today to keep her hydrated in this heat. She's dropped off to sleep now. I'm dreading tomorrow.... Temperature is supposed to go up to 29 degrees. I think a day inside with the fans on might be called for. Thanks both. I will keep an eye on her all night and if she looks the same in the morning then I will take her to the gp.

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